Pandemonium in Court as Suspect Attempts to Commit Suicide

There was a pandemonium at the Lagos High Court, Ikeja, yesterday as a suspect, Ayoko Oluwatobi, 25, attempted to jump from a two storey building to commit suicide.

Oluwatobi is standing trial before Justice Hakeem Oshodi, whose courtroom is located on the top floor of a two-storey building directly opposite the second gate of the court.

The defendant is facing a six-count charge including: causing grevious bodily harm, damage to properties and unlawful society.

Trouble started immediately after his lawyer moved his bail application praying the court to admit his client to bail on a liberal term.

In his reply, prosecution drew the attention of the court to a serious fact that the defendant is a flight risk who is capable of interfering with the Prosecution’s witnesses.

Justice Oshodi, thereafter, adjourned the matter until April 9, which did not sit well with the defendant, who started tapping the prosecution witnesses at the back saying they are his friends and they should release him.

The defendant, upon stepping out of the courtroom, started headbutting the wall shouting: “I want to die, I can’t wait till April.”

Oluwatobi in a swift movement, climbed the window to in an attempt to jump down from the two storey building.

It took the intervention of the Police officers attached to the court coupled with the Correctional Facility officer, present, to rescue the situation.

The eye witness who claim anonymity said that the officers were able to hold one of his leg before he could jump down.

The eyewitness said that the suspect was restrained, mostly due to the handcuff.

The defendant had committed the crime against one Obinna Nosike.