Stop Recognizing People With Questionable Characters – Rep Member Oseni Charges Nigerians Leaders

A Federal Lawmaker, Engr Aderemi Oseni has advised Nigerian leaders to stop giving undue recognition to people with questionable characters in the country.

Engr. Remi Oseni who is representing the Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Abuja stated this while hosting members of Professionals Council, Oyo State chapter who paid him a courtesy visit at his residence recently.

The members of Professionals’ council in Oyo State were at his house to intimate him of his appointment as the Patron of the group.

Engr. Oseni said it was worrisome that all manners of people were being given award with intent of getting something in return for such award without properly x-raying the character and antecedent of such awardee.

His words: You see there are all manner of awards they give people and that’s the reason why things are in shambles in this country. They give awards to every Tom, Dick and Harry; they even give awards to someone without plans. Awards are being given to someone who steals with the motive of getting something in return.

If we screen those we give opportunities for appointment properly it would be good and that’s my own way of understanding. Go and look at the background of those that are being honoured with different titles, when you X-ray their background you will see that not less than 60% of them have EFCC cases and that puts their integrity into question.

I so much appreciate this visitation and it means a lot to me. Let me in particular appreciate the privilege of this nomination. For me I always ask whenever I’m being nominated that what have I done to deserve it? I have so many awards in my house and even in my office but when people send me an award I do ask them where have you met me? What have I done for you and so on?

So, for a responsibility like this to be given to a man like me much is expected from that and that’s why you have to be praying that God should give you the grace to be able to fit into expectations of people that asked you to come and do something,

So, I want to say thank you again and I cherish it. You.may not really understand me but I cherish it. The Bible says those who are not grateful for little things, greater things cannot be committed into their hands. So, if you think that something is small today and because of that not discharging the responsibility, it may be a test of your capacity in future for a greater responsibility from God and if you don’t manage it well greater things cannot be invested into your hand. So, that’s why I said you may not understand how I cherished it, and I want to assure you that I will do my best within the limit of grace of God to justify the role that you are committing into my hand anytime that the need for the service arises.” Hon. Oseni submitted.

Earlier, the Oyo State Coordinator of Professionals’ Council, Dr. Bamidele Gold informed Hon. Remi Oseni that his choice as the group’s Patron was as a result of his sterling qualities and contributions to the development of his constituency and rendering of selfless and humanitarian service to the needy which are in tandem with the vision of the Professionals’ council as one of the supports groups for the APC in the country.

Dr. Gold specifically commended Engr. Remi Oseni for the mega empowerment programme he recently organised for the people in Ibarapa East/Ido federal constituency which he said has brought succour to hundreds of individuals that benefited from the initiative in the said constituency area.