Kampala is the latest trend to hit the fashion world. Inspired by a place of the same name; an urban city in East Africa. Kampala is the capital and largest city in Uganda. Kampala is also inspired to suit the African heritage and to portray the creativity of West Africa.

Kampala is now the new Ankara. This fabric has been trending since 2019 but in 2023 is mostly used for the breezing fashion trend called Bubu.

Kampala or Adire is also known as tie and dye. It is made using a variety of resist dyeing techniques rich in culture, history and beauty. Kampala cloth has become fashionable in present times.

Characterised by bold colours, bright patterns, and vibrant designs, Kampala is often associated with special evening gowns, it can also be sewn for skirts, jumpsuits, shirts and casual outfits.

Kampala expresses individuality, making the wearer stand out in a crowd. They also make bold fashion statements and are flair for men, women and children. They are unique and can easily be singled out from other fabrics.

How To Take Care Of Your Kampala

Hand washes your Kampala if you can. This will go a long way in its maintenance. While washing, make use of lukewarm water.

Avoid using detergent rather make use of mild soaps that do not have high or bleaching chemicals as part of their ingredients.

Kampala fabrics are not suited to soaking in water for too long. It weakens the dyeing chemicals.

Avoid exposing adire to extreme temperatures; it reduces its quality and durability. If possible, spread it under a shade in order to preserve its regular form.