5 Comfortable Heels For Your Next Outing

Wearing heels is definitely no fun if it hurts which is why we are sharing our top heel recommendations for your next outing which not only complements your outfit but is also comfortable to take you through the whole process and Your feet will thank you for it!


Having a strap around the ankle can provide more support, which helps the foot feel more secure. Strappy heels are super stylish and a major must-have for your shoedrobe.


Who says mules are only for older women? Mules are liberating for many women of different age brackets because it’s style is so minimal whilst also covering a good portion of the top of your foot. Heeled mules are also a comfortable choice. They support the insole and are a low-maintenance style that is practical, sassy, and full of attitude. It embodies the effortless “Oh, I just threw this on” look to up your outfit.



The ideal choice for getting the ultimate comfort. Wearing block heels means you’ll have a wider heel to walk on, which will, of course, make it much easier


As comfy as they are cute! A short heel will never let you down and is by far the comfiest kind of heels to wear.


A modern twist to block heels is the triangular/flared style which offers even more comfort compared to regular block heels.