Best sugar alternatives people with diabetes may enjoy

One of the things people suffering from diabetes must avoid or limit it’s consumption is sugar. This is because high blood sugar level is one major symptom of this disease.

Many patients however find curbing this sugar craving very challenging, hence the need for sugar alternatives to help take care of it.

Sugar alternatives are other things that may help to improve food flavour other than sugar which may not contain as much carbs and does not affect blood sugar levels and other inflammatory markers like white sugar.

1. Stevia.

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from stevia rebaudiana, a plant native to south America which have been used to sweeten teas and make medicine go down well.

Stevia can be found in a highly processed form and can be found under the brand names stevia in the Raw, Rebiana, sweet leaf, enliten, truvia , purevia

Stevia is by far sweeter than sugar, contains no calories and may help in weight loss. It can also help in diabetes management, but it is more expensive than sugar and may have a bitter after taste.

You can also cultivate the plant yourself and use the leaves to sweeten your food as it has always been naturally used, but it is not approved by FDA as safe if used in the raw form

2. tagatose

Tagatose is another naturally occurring sweetener that researchers are studying. According to health line, preliminary studies show that it is a potential anti diabetic and anti obesity medication.

Tagatose may serve as a natural sweetener without the side effects associated with sugar. According to health line, it can lower blood sugar and insulin response.

It is sold under the brand name tagatose. However consult your doctor if you want to switch to tagatose. Researchers are still studying it’s effect.

3. Monk fruit extract.

Monk fruit extract is another sugar alternative that is gaining popularity. You may shop for it with the name monk fruit extract.

4. Date sugar.

This is another sugar alternative. It is made by grinding dried dates fruit. It may contain as much calories as sugar but it doesn’t raise blood sugar level as sugar because it contains more fiber since it is made with whole fruits.

There are other sugar alternatives which are made of synthetic products, it is always better to avoid artificial sweeteners because they may alter your gut bacteria and cause metabolic syndrome in the long run.