Meet Pelumi Nubi, the 1st African Black Woman Who drives Car From London – Nigeria


On the 31st of January, 2024, a 28 year old travel content creator, PELUMI NUBI, began a road trip from London, with the aim of journeying to her motherland, Nigeria.

What did this solo traveller tend to achieve by navigating through 17 countries on road? She wants to change the mindset of other travellers that traveling by road, from Lagos to London is very possible, and this can actually inspire other travellers.
PELUMI had travelled to over 80 countries on the surface of the heart.

The Journey so far:
What others would see as a big challenge was just easy and adventurous for Pelumi.
The rare traveller lamented on how tedious the journey was. She started from the water bodies, she said there are ferries that transport vehicles from one end of the waters to the other side and this gives continuity to her journey.
Pelumi crossed from London to France and from France to Spain, then from Spain to Morocco. At Morocco, she used another ferry to cross herself and her car to the other end of the ocean, and she continued with her journey.

According to Pelumi, the biggest challenge in the course of the trip was the car crash she had in Ivory Coast on the 25th March, 2024. The impact on the car, led the travel content creator to be hospitalized for 2 days, after which she continued with her journey.

In the area of food sustainability during the journey, she took a whole lot of foods from different region and places, as that was the part of her adventure. PELUMI gave credence to Gambia and Senegal jollof rice, though Nigerians and Ghanaians are good at this too, but according to Pelumi, for Senegal and Gambia, it is an ‘A’.

PELUMI named her small car “LUMI”, as  her travel partner to different places over times and she decided to donate the vehicle to the Lagos state Museum, to encourage others to seek adventure and explore.

She explained that the total expense she had was around 20,000 pounds for the whole trip.

Pelumi gave a thumbs up for the Nigeria Embassy and Ambassadors in Cotedivoir and Liberia for their massive support in the course of the trip.

She further explained that she purposely ended her journey in the University of Lagos, for the younger generations to build on their believe. Pelumi gave her words of advice, that, “THE MAGIC IS IN THE DOING”

The Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwolu appointed the 28-year-old travel content creator, Pelumi Nubi, as the state tourism ambassador. To further encourage this solo driver, Sanwolu presented her with a brand new GAC car.

It is now a worldwide story that Pelumi Nubi is the first black woman to achieve this feat.