‘You can’t make money being a singer’, Seyi Shay slams Nigerian Idol contestant

Nigerian Idol

Following her comment, Seyi Shay has been dragged on Twitter for heavily criticising the 17-year-old contestant.

The Nigerian Idol is a music reality show which started its sixth season on Sunday, March 14, with Seyi Shay, DJ Sose and Obi Asika as judges.

Seyi Shay, whose real name is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua Odedere, had told the 17-year-old contestant that: “Somebody lied to you. Somebody told you to come here and audition. You should go back and tell them that they aren’t your friend because that was not a good audition. You have a sweet-talking voice and it comes out in your singing voice but your performance is terrible,” she wrote.

“You are never going to make money being a singer. I love you, you are so sweet but you are not a singer. You are not a singer. For songwriting, hit me up, we could talk but that singing, it is not going to work. Sorry, Darling.”

The music star’s comments didn’t sit well with a lot of Nigerians as she was dragged on Twitter for being aggressive towards the teenager.

Twitter users noted that rather than judges of the Nigerian Idol show saying hurtful comments to contestants, they should rather, encourage them.

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Popular Nigerian TV show host, Frank Edoho, also slammed the judges on the music reality TV show, describing them as “harsh.”

Edoho, in an apparent reaction on Twitter, said, “I think the judges of Nigerian Idol should be calming down. They are a tad harsh. #nigerianidol.”

However, the singer identified as Ayo Torrus who was criticised has spoken out after the video went viral.

He retweeted the video of Seyi giving him feedback after his audition and wrote: “This broke me Emotionally and Psychologically, but God got me !!”

Meanwhile, Seyi Shay has responded to the criticisms via Twitter, saying: “I’m feeling like #JudgeJudy right now. You either LOVE her OR you HATE her, and that’s quite ALRIGHT! Either way, Thanks for the #1 trend tweeps.”