When Mikel Obi got it wrong

Mikel Obi got wrong

There is no gain-saying the fact that Mikel Obi has distinguished himself as a prolific midfielder with an equally enviable stay in the national team which he captained for many years.

A rather reticent footballer when juxtaposed with his achievement on the field of play, the Stoke City player decided to play on a strange turf when he presented the incumbent governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello as the messiah and representative of the youths of the country.

Hear him: “It is an honour for me to finally meet His Excellency personally after all the good things I have heard and read about him from not just the people of Kogi State but from Nigerians

“My main aim is to come here to show my appreciation and to thank him for all the things he has been doing for the people and also to support him in whatever future political positions he wants to go into.

“I will like to be there to support him, to be there by his side through this journey for him to achieve whatever he wants which is for the betterment of Nigeria.”

Obi said he was hopeful that Yahaya and himself could work together as team to achieve success. “What better person to lead the youths than him, because he has been doing all these good works and that is why I am here to see whatever way I can come in.

“To get the youths together to know and see how we can make things better for our country and how we can align to achieve all that”, Obi said.

No doubt the ex-Chelsea player has the inalienable right to lend political support to whosoever he desires, campaign for such personality, etc. However, the football star will soon discover that football isn’t politics. Also, Mr. Bello, all through his stay in Lord Lugard House has never publicly identified with the youths of his state either through policies or otherwise. In fact, the perception on the streets is that the governor is a bad representation of the Nigerian youth.

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