Tragic As Tanzanian Couple’s Lives, Marriage Ended In 5 Months

The circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Said Oswayoand his wife, Swalha Salum still shocked residents of Mwanzain Tanzania as it had left many questions than answers. Many people believe it was a case of infidelity, some say it was a case of insecurity on the side of the husband who had earlier called his wife several times and sent text messages which was neither picked nor replied to before the tragic incident occurred.

​If Swalha had known she would have picked the call of her husband or at least returned the call or text messages of his husband she missed before she came back home maybe that might have averted the quarreling that led to the death of the duo regarded as ‘power couple’ in Tanzania.

On that fateful day, it was learnt that the husband, late Said Osawayo (37 years old) called the telephone number of his wife several times to know her whereabouts and why she hadn’t come home. But his wife, Swalha, didn’t pick her phone calls. He sent a text message which wasn’t replied to as well and that made her husband furious and angry. His thought at that moment was perhaps his wife was somewhere cheating on him with another man.

​According to a Nigerian journalist, True Crime Daniel who gave accurate details of how the tragic incident of a couple who got married five months ago precisely on the 31st December, 2001 happened, when Swalha finally returned home she claimed to have gone to watch a football game that night.  When she got home she met Said, her husband in a bad mood. It was not clear whether they had a previous fight earlier that day but instantly they began a quarrel. Said queried her on her whereabouts and why she didn’t pick his calls and reply to text messages but Swalha explained that she was at the football game but Said didn’t believe her according to their house help and Swalhayounger sister who both present in the house as at that time. They said both the couple exchanged words for over an hour from the living room and took the fight to their bedroom and it was at the bedroom that they (house help and younger sister) heard a gunshot.

​After Said had successfully shot Swalha he took the gun and car key and ran out of the house. Swala’s body was found in the bedroom by her younger sister and house help in a pool of blood. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. As a Muslim she was buried the next day at KirumbaIslamic Cemetery in Mwanza region, Tanzania in the absence of her husband who was on the run as at the time.

​The incident happened at their home at Mbogambogastreet, in Buswelu area, Ilemela district on May 28, 2022.

After her burial the hunt for Sai’d began but unfortunately the next day after the funeral, Said body was found floating on the shore on lake Victoria where he had committed suicide by shooting himself before drowning in the  river. According to Commander, Mairi Makori, the man’s body was found along Rock Beach shore floating on water two days after his whereabouts was being tracked by police. He said that the preliminary investigation suggested that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

​The close friends of the couple have pointed out the fact that they did not see any signs that could lead to this death because they never saw them quarrel nor did they know there was a fight in their relationship. So many thoughts, so many questions and so many confusions in respect of their death.

​The late couple, Swalha Salome (26 years old) was a successful self made popular artist in Tanzania and Said Oswayo(37 years old) was also a successful businessman. Both of them were well known and very popular in Tanzania before their untimely death.