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Section Editors is seeking three section editors with proven ability to lead and develop a specialized section and its corresponding reporters. Sections include “Education,” “Society,” and “Business.” The editor must be able to thrive in a digital news room, turning out breaking news, feature stories, and investigative reports.

Coverage topics for “Education” include theology, history/archaeology, Christian schools, homeschooling, public education, private education, apologetics, creation/evolution, health and science.

Coverage topics for “Society” include politics, sport, court cases, family issues, abortion, stem cell research, homosexuality, immigration, religious liberty, and faith-based social services.

Coverage topics for “Business” include companies, trade groups, economy, technology, Web, real estate, manufacturing and stewardship.

The section editor should maintain a highly leadership journalistic perspective while working with correspondents, contributors and reporters to delve deeper and connect the dots on movements and trends within their respective disciplines. All editors must be able to develop strategies to bring revenues to the company by digging into submitting truthful investigative conservative reports and organizing events that showcase and create awareness of Rulers’ World

The position is in Ibadan, Nigeria and New York, USA.


  • – Develop the Section to not only inform readers, but drive traffic
  • – Coordinate coverage of the top stories in your section
  • – Ensure timeliness of news compared to competitors
  • – Ensure that teams produce significant exclusives and compelling stories
  • – Write compelling articles, analysis, and investigative stories

Qualifications :

  • – Must agree with Rulers’ World’s Company Policy
  • – Show scalable ability to manage any number of reporters, freelancers, correspondents and contributors
  • – At least five years of experience at a major news organization
  • – Drive ideas for exclusives, analysis and feature stories. And, events.
  • – Be able to adapt quickly to the latest editorial technology
  • – Deploy true multimedia collaboration
  • – Work effectively with reporters and other journalists across a range of geographies and specializations
  • – Be comfortable in a startup environment
  • – Be comfortable in a digital-newsroom

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