Rearing Snail Profitably

Snail profitability

Are you planning to retire from active service and not sure of any business that could fetch you good money after retirement? Even if you are a fresh graduate and you want to save yourself from roaming the streets with your credentials looking for a non-existent job, but you have a passion for farming. The following may interest you as it may give you your lifetime financial freedom.

While the commencement of snail rearing could not be ascertained, information has it that it could be traced to centuries back, most especially, the era of the Roman Empire. What is not however in dispute is the fact that snails are highly nutritious and rich in protein, calcium, iron, zero fat and very low in cholesterol. Indeed, experts believed that its meat contains vitamins and minerals as well as two essentials amino acids, lysine and arginine.

Snail meat is considered a delicacy by most people that love it, although some try to avoid it for cultural or religious reasons. However, it is safe to say that its meat is loved by most people that ever tasted it.

In this article, we will learn how one can set up a snail farm for personal or commercial purpose at home. Snail rearing has become a huge money earner and highly lucrative venture, since one can start with considerable low capital, which provides one of the finest opportunities to make money on a small scale compare it to other types of livestock farming such as piggery, poultry and cattle rearing. The technical, labour and financial inputs are relatively low.

It is important to note that snail rearing has become famous to the extent that some countries in Europe and Africa rear snails for export and the market is growing rapidly. The good thing about snail farming is that you can rear them on a small scale from your home, and the techniques are straightforward and easy to implement with little space, like having a few old tyres stocked on each other using large baskets or big clay pot or building a small outdoor. Your space will always determine the size of your snail farm, whether for home or commercial purposes

Benefits Of Snail Farming

*It is noiseless
*Its droppings are odourless
*The meat is rich in protein
*Very good for people with a heart problem
*High market potentials
*Used for cosmetics and other skin products
*Helps to maintain healthy immune and hormone function.
*Prevention and elimination of cold sores.

Snail farming is one of the most lucrative agricultural business ideas for young entrepreneurs. It is a practical and viable business that is yet to be fully explored in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Its market in Nigeria and the rest of Africa is huge but grossly underrated. It is part of the diet in many parts of Africa, but not always affordable and available all year round. If you raise snails in commercial quantity, hotels and fast food joints will be your regular clients.

Mr Henry Joseph while speaking with Rulers’ World, said prices of raw matured snails in Nigeria is between 250- 600 naira depending on the size, stating that the expected annual demand for snails in Nigeria is about 7.5 million kg. He added that snail trade is flourishing and that Europe, North America and the USA import more than 4 million dollars worth of snails annually from all over the world.

He disclosed further that for many years, snails handpicked from the farm or bush was the only way to get them to the market but now that has changed to rearing them for commercial purposes. According to him, while snails can be more visible during the rainy season, few ones that equally find their ways to the markets are usually very expensive and not always affordable for low-income earners

Steps to Starting Snail Farm

*Decides which species of snails to rear
*Set up your farmland/housing
*Purchase your snails
*Feeding and rearing of the snails
*Harvesting the snails

A beginner can start up the business with as low as 60-100,000 naira depending on one’s capacity and how large the farmer wants the farm to be.

In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low-risk business, unlike many other livestock businesses. It requires a very little start-up and operating cost. You can even set up your snail farm in the backyard of your house to save cost on the purchase of farm land.

The best time to start up a snail farm is the rainy season most especially from July to October because that is the time snails normally start to breed. However, it is important to note that its prices multiply during the dry season which is between March and December.