Incest: How UNILAG Don Allegedly Defiled His Biological Daughters

This allegation of child molestation came as a rude shock to many in Lagos State because the victims who were minors were said to be biological children of the perpetrator. Not only that, he is also said to be an educationist, and an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

His alleged sacrilegious act was revealed by members of some civil societies after they had successfully rescued the two minors (names withheld). The essence of the rescue operation according to them is to stop the randy father from further molesting the children as well as taking them to Psychologist for treatment.

The roll call of rescue groups include: Stop the Abuse against Women and Children Foundation; The Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network; The Concerned Parents and Educators among others.

 Their convener, Mrs Toyin Taiwo-Ojo alleged that the culprit who happened to be the father of the minors aged 7 and 10 years respectively, Adebisi Arewa an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Lagos, Akoka should be investigated for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his two daughters and for his refusal to release the victims for forensic examination.

They alleged that the father who lives alone with the victims ìn Ebute Metta, Lagos took advantage of the law and Lagos State mechanism of getting Justice for the victims and “has gone on an accusation spree by alleging that innocent people have defiled his daughters.”

“It is noteworthy that Mr Arewa has collectively accused more than five males and female teachers of defiling his two daughters since 2019.

“As we speak, we have a teacher ìn Kirikiri accused by Mr Arewa of defiling one of his daughters whom we shall call Miss ‘X’. However, Miss ‘X’ has confessed on three different occasions in a video recording that she lied against her teacher, one Mr Bakare.

“She has also confessed to her classmates and even her principal that the allegations against her teacher were all lies and she only said that because that was what her father wanted her to say.” She said.

According to the group, the State Commissioner of Police, on April 4, 2022 gave a directive that the complainant, Miss ‘X’ be taken for forensic interview as part of investigation.

They disclosed that April 20 was fixed for forensic evaluation by Cece Yarah Foundation on the strength of a letter written by the Police, “but instead of exercising patience to see the outcome of the forensic interview, the case was charged to Court on an inconclusive investigation.”

The group said in 2019, Cece Yarah during an advocacy visit, noticed that Miss ‘X’ had been physically molested by her father, wrote the Ministry of Youths And Social Development that the child be taken into protective custody but that in a twist, a driver in UNILAG staff School, one Abiodun Matthew who never had any contact with the child was accused of defiling the minor and is presently serving life imprisonment term at Kirikiri.

They said that their worry now stemmed from the fact that child molestation cases against the children have been reported to the state’s agencies on several occasions.

“This constant molestation of these kids did not raise red flags to trained child protection officers who are touted to be survivor centered.

“One question that stands out among so many others is why these girls are being repeatedly abused, even in different schools?”

The groups which stormed Lagos Police Command, Ikeja with placards and petitions addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, said they found the Police and the state culpable for the continued abuse of the children.

The groups recalled that the Ministry of Youth and Social Development obtained an order in 2019 but failed to execute it.

They demanded for a thorough investigation devoid of sentiments made by the police into the matter while urging the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to also investigate the father of the victims.

They are urging the Lagos State government to take over the responsibility of the two victims and put them into protective custody to prevent further abuse due to parental negligence and equally urged the Police and state government through its agencies, the Ministry of Youths and Social Development and the Domestic and Sexual Agency to do their duties under the law by rescuing the children as a matter of urgency.