‘He left indelible marks,’ glowing tributes as Pope Benedict dies at 95

Condolences and tributes have continued to follow the death of Pope Benedict XVI who passed away today at the age of 95.

Pope Benedict whose birth name was Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger reigned as the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 28 February 2013.

Mourning the death of the religious icon, Religion leaders, politicians, and other internet users have taken to different social media platforms to express their tributes to the late Pope.

Reacting to his death, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the forthcoming election, Peter Obi wrote on Twitter, “Farewell Pope Emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI. Over the years, Pope Benedict remained a real shepherd of God’s people. He left indelible historical marks. His service to God and to humanity as a Priest, Archbishop, Cardinal and Pope bore eloquent witness to his genuine love for God.”

A Nigerian politician and founder of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray Bruce wrote on Facebook, “The death of Pope Benedict XVI saddens me. It hurts me as a human and also as a catholic that I am. I pray for the family of Pope Benedict XVI and the catholic church worldwide at this moment. May his soul rest in peace.”

In his remarks, a Nigerian Catholic Priest serving in Malawi, Fr Kelvin Ugwu posted on Facebook, “Rest in peace Holy father and great theologian, Pope Benedict XVI. The emeritus Pope died this morning at the age of 95. Eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord!”

A priest of the Catholic archdiocese of Abuja, Fada Oluaoma wrote on Facebook, “Pope Benedict the XVI has finally strolled into heaven. Deo gratias.”

Archbishop Valerian Okeke wrote, “Dear Brothers and sisters, It has pleased the Lord to call to himself, Our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a simple and humble worker in the Lord’s vineyard. He used his time and talents to serve the Lord, the Church, and the world at large. May the Lord throw open the doors of Paradise for him and grant him a place among the saints. We will surely miss him.”

A Twitter user, @PetriOP tweeted, “We learned so much from Pope Benedict XVI. He taught the highest truths in ways that inspired and moved. We learned even more from the humility with which he lived his life. The Church is better for the gift of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. May the angels take him to paradise.”

“Anguished to learn about the demise of Pope Benedict XVI. His legacy & good deeds will stay on with believers. May his soul rest in peace.” Another Twitter user @jnsayta Tweeted.

@Mattodour wrote on Twitter, “Always grateful to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI who held our hands & guided our faith steering us to the path of divine grace when we lost our anchor. The holy father Emeritus is never shy to remind us of our closeness to God. Blessed Lord, in your arms we place your servant, Amen.”