Don Uges Govt To Create Centres For Kidneys, Cancers Management Across Country

Government at all levels have been called to create special centres for the management of cancers and kidney disorders across the country.

Prof Mikhail Olayinka Buhari of the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Ilorin, made the call at the 218 inaugural lecture of Unilorin on the theme: “The Doctors’ Doctor:Weighing Clinical and Morphological Evidence To Make Life Changing Decisions ” at Unilorin on Thursday.

Prof Buhari suggested that such special management centres, if required may be established on geographical regional basis to treat cancers and kidney disorders.

According to him, there is need for institutions to generate their own autopsy policies and for various state governments to review the old Coronal law.

“The old Coronal law was enacted 1944 and amended in 1958. Since then, only few states of the Federation have proposed and passed amendments to these laws. Principally, Lagos State in 3006.

” It is desirable for other states to amend this law to reflect modern realities and scenario.

“In the same vein, hospitals should have well spelt out autopsy policies, in order to derive the maximum benefits from the procedure.”

The don noted that large scale investment in creating awareness on the various cancer screening programmes cannot be overemphasised considering the cancer burden and its attendant effects on the individual, families, and nation.

He also stressed the need to making affordable the vaccines for the few vaccine-preventable cancers. “No investment in this regard is wasted”, he added.

Prof Buhari urged the government to devise a mean of returning and keeping our best hands beyond the statutory retirement age without necessarily putting the heavy burden on the institutions.

He said the government should appreciate and covet for the uncommon skills of the finest scientists in the country to protect the present and safeguard the future.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor noted that the roles of the pathologists are crucial on the care of the patients.

According to him, they help the primary Physician to establish a diagnosis and his counsels are helpful in charting the best course of treatment for the patients.

“The pathologists is an expert in his own right but is also a communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, Scholar, teacher and researcher.

“The field of Pathology is changing especially in the areas of molecular genetics and genomic, paving way for targeted therapy and personalised prognosis, ” Buhari said.

The inaugural lecture was attended by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Wahab Egbewole, principal officers of the University, the Olomu of Omupo, Oba Yakub Adebayo Buhari who led four other royal fathers to the occasion, the CMD, UITH, Prof Yusuf Dasliver, Director on Nursing Service, UITH, Mrs Oluwakemi Ajide among many other dignitaries.