Controversy, Conspiracy Theory Trails Death Of Gen. Attahiru

What (or who) killed the 25th Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt. General Ibrahim Attahiru? This is one question concerned authority in the country should as soon as possible provide an answer to, to at least, douse insinuations as to the cause of death.

The sudden death of the Army officer, who was 25th January 2021 appointed as the CoAS raised dust, particularly following reported eyewitness account suggesting that the training aircraft conveying the Army Chief and ten others exploded just as it landed at the Kaduna airport.

Conspiracy theorists point to the possible Boko Haram connection. An anonymous Facebook user had on 19th February 2021, shortly after the late Army chief was appointed, admonished him to tread with caution in the discharge of his duty or risk been killed. While alleging that the immediate past CoAS, Lt. General Tukur Buratai, is a “major leader of Boko Haram”, the Facebook user enjoined General Attahiru, to be mindful of what he eats and where he visits during his tenure.

The post which ended with the #Zica read thus: A few days ago, Mr. Buratai was replaced with another, do not forget to make reference to our previous messages including the initial exposure of Buratai as a major leader of the group called Baku Haram (sic).

“You all must be aware, it doesn’t stop here. The new Chief of Staff (sic) is known to be against the agenda which we had talked about a few months ago. You must be aware, in his position, he takes orders and must executive these orders or be killed. This is to Mr. Ibrahim whom we understand had replaced this man, Buratai might die in service. He would be killed if he ever decides (sic) to falter on instructions. Mr. Ibrahim must be careful of his steps now, this position is really a bad one for him. Be mindful (of) what you eat, be mindful of where you visit and when you visit during your tenure as the Chief of Staff (sic). We urge you to not take their instructions and kill people.

“Nobody’s life is more important than the order (sic). Your job is to protect the lives of Nigerians. No Nigerian is more Nigerian than another Nigerian. Thread (sic) with caution Mr. Ibrahim.”