Before You Lust!

Before You Lust

A friend walked into my shop one afternoon with a cutie and introduced him as her cousin. He was a hunk of a guy, tall, muscled biceps, dark-skinned, a thrust out chest, full sensual lips and a handsome face to boot. When he spoke, there was a huskiness to his voice that triggered certain hormones in my body. And when he smiled, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. His smile would melt any woman’s heart and the guy knew it. I was combusting and melting inside.

He knew I was caught on the allure of his gorgeous body. My friend talked, joked, and we laughed but all along I was lost to lust. I ogled his macho build, his hairy arms sent me to delightful fantasies. I practically undressed him with my eyes and my hands itched to follow my eyes. How my friend never caught the heat that oozed out of me beats me. But the guy knew he got me pant’s down. I was willing to explore and experiment; he was too, and we spoke volumes with our eyes over my friend’s head.

An hour later, they left, and I watched his behind with longing until he disappeared out of sight. I sighed heavily, got up and increased the speed of the ceiling fan, to cool off.

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“You’re melting for a guy you don’t even know.” My head said. “It doesn’t matter, the guy is a lady slayer.” My heart announced. “I need just one night with him, or rather some time with him whether night or day makes no difference.” My body whispered. Like I knew he would, he came back alone later in the day. We greeted, I held his hand, trailled my hand down his hairy arm and looked deep into his eyes, my intent clearly pooled in my eyes. The guy smiled, the smile of a spider that had caught a fly in its web.

But then we had to sit and chat, connect and make plans for a suitable rendezvous. I wanted to have him to quench the fire he had ignited in my body. I fired off a lot of questions, occupation, hobbies and likes. After thirty minutes of talking with him, my lust froze, all my pent-up heat turned cold. He tried to use his smile to still win his way into my heart, but his smile had lost its potency as far as I’m concerned.

What happened? I discovered the guy had nothing upstairs. That he wasn’t educated, he couldn’t speak fluently or express himself wasn’t why I backed off. These are non-issues, he was just a buffalo, nothing upstairs, that’s what pissed me off. He was a bouncer at a club in one African country; I was not surprised, that’s the job I knew he would excel in. We had no meeting point apart from lust. And after we satisfy our lusts, what next? Character wise, I don’t know how nice he would be when he switched off his charming smile.

You have to look and look well before you lust after that man. Do not succumb to lust. Make sure the man has values and will add such to your life. Do not allow your body or your arousal to dictate for you. Listen to your head and not always follow your heart or your body.

The packaging might be enticing and beautiful but what’s inside should be far better than the ornamental outside. It’s not about having a good body, a beautiful/handsome face but building your inside to be as good as your outer wrappings. The guy could have been a total package, if he took time to develop himself, instead of just settling as a bouncer alone. And don’t fall for anybody because of outward appearances alone, except you don’t have a standard or all you wanted is just FUN. But if you have standard and love yourself, aspire for more in your relationship.

Women who do not care about whom they fall into bed with may wake up feeling hurt, worthless and used. Meeting a charming and a nice man does not guarantee you have met a good man. You may think you are going in for a one-off affair, certain variables may come to play, and you end up with a regret.

Lust is a very transitory emotion, it is more like a reaction to a want not necessarily a need. Lust distorts your thinking, it makes you lose control. The emotions of lust, if not contained, makes you act like an animal in heat.
Be aware; do not allow an inordinate desire for sex or money to push you to blindly act physically on your lust.
Lust is a powerful desire, a destructive monster. You deserve so much better. You are worth so much.