Automation: Global Good or Evil?


The term automation inspired by the earlier word automatic, which was derived from the word automaton is a system of operation which requires minimal or reduced human intervention.

Automation came to play by the interjection of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronics and computer techniques. This technology now has its attachment in all the ways of life, from manufacturing to sales, finance, health, education and even sport. The introduction of this technology is gradually reducing manpower/staff in most organizations, creating fear of joblessness in the entire world.

But the effect is making it more acceptable worldwide. For instance, in the manufacturing sector areas where AI is being introduced it has been seen to be more effective and better in performance and result.

The time taken to get a large work done is reduced, accuracy is excellent and tasks to be shared among many staffs could simply be handled by a single robot. Talking about sales, there are lots of automated sales points, especially in the malls and stores, all you need to do is to slot in your money or debit card and ice cream, soft drinks etc is dispenced.

Finance, imagine what our banking system used to be with long queues and paper works. Automation has simplified the whole system and automated teller machines etc now make it easier to withdraw and deposit money.

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The introduction of AI in our hospitals is gradually facing out some health challenges, A medical practitioner, Dr. John Birkmeyer, confirmed that AI helps surgeons determine what is happening during a complex surgery by providing real time data points about the movements the surgeon makes during procedure.

At Maastricht University Medical Centre, Netherlands, in 2017, the report showed that an AI-assisted surgery robot was used to suture small blood vessels. Birkmeyer said he expects to see the medical professional using AI to make sense of complex digital signatures associated with robotic and videoscopic procedures to provide actionable feedback to surgeons on how to improve.

Indeed, in the health sector, AI has proven to save time, brings about more accuracy and cost effective. During the pandemic in China, emotion recognition AI was discovered, founded by Viola Lam. This was used to read the room and emotions of students as they study at home. According to Lam, it can make the virtual classroom as good as or better than the real classroom while the students study.

The AI measures muscle points on their faces via the webcam on their device and can equally identify emotions to include anger, happiness, fear, sadness and surprise. AI does more in learning and education generally. The record has further shown that students perform 10 percent better in examinations if they learn using AI. No doubt, AI is changing the ways business is been done and its influence is prominent in many industries.

As AI digs deeper it is gradually having its influence on sporting activities. AI can now help to improve the techniques of players. The busy schedule of coaches can make them omits some forms of training, meanwhile, the technology in AI provides personalized training and gives real-time feedback and this has been seen to improve the effectiveness of each individual.