Arapaja: A Personality Beyond Religious Bigotry and Political Desperation – By Kehinde Gbadeyanka


Unambiguously, Arapaja’s stance towards religions institution be it his faith and other credos remain staunch and tolerable respectively. This is ostensibly in his dealings as diplomat and public administrator.

It’s no doubt and unequivocally that Arapaja has committed himself to way of God right from his school days ( President of Muslim Students, Lagelu Grammar School 1973) and there was no record of being fanatic or engage in heresy.

His commitment towards sustainability, development and growth of Islam and other faiths is nonpareil and encouraging. A good exemplification was his facilitation of RCCG chapter in Jordan while serving as an ambassador.

His ambitions hitherto yonder desperation as his belief in oneness of God and his unprecedented integrity makes him reach zenith. That his steadfastness alone has made him the king and brings him goodluck.

The best and ever philosophy one can learn from Arapaja is his belief that God crowns whoever He wishes. Arapaja is a man who envisages future to smoothen the presence and vise versa.

His religious life stand him out as man of faith, his name (Taofeek) is an indication of his accomplishment and his personality portray an modern thinker.

Arapaja’s aspirations were never inordinate as he rose to political ranks without desperation, much contending but with full avowal. This is a result of his tolerability, modest and probity.

Attaining power or becoming constituted authority requires Godly spirituality and total commitment to humanity.

Arapaja’s accomplishment so far has no clandestine backup, it was divine favour and unceasing commitment to service of Allah.