Anthony Joshua Reveals He Won’t Be Fighting Again Until… •Says: "Last Fight Tore Me Apart’

Former heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua has said he will be taking a short hiatus from boxing so that he can rest mentally.

This is coming after his back-to-back loss to Ukrainian boxer, Oleksandr Usyk, in August where he lost the bid to win back his world titles.

After the rematch fight in Saudi Arabia, Joshua went on a weird rant in the ring which he later apologised for. He said his bizarre behaviour showed how much the fight meant to him and he has been advised to take a break from boxing for the sake of his mental health.

The former two-time world champion said, “You saw after my last fight, it tore me apart,’

“I had so much riding on it, for me, the British fans, the undisputed fight, it just really tore me apart. So from a mental capacity, my close ones are telling me: “you should rest mentally”.

“Physically, I’m down to fight. I’m a warrior, I like this game, I like competing. But on a mental aspect, I think people have really seen it means a lot.”