54 Unemployed Women Empowered With Digital Skills, Ready to Break Barriers in Tech


Webfala Digital Skills For All Initiative, a forward-thinking NGO, has taken a giant leap towards bridging the gender gap in STEM fields.

Through their innovative “Keeping Female In STEM Program ’24”, 54 unemployed female graduates have been empowered with cutting-edge STEM education and digital literacy skills.

Funded by Wipro, the program aims to address the systemic barriers and discrimination that have held women back from excelling in tech.

According to Mrs. Bakare Opeyemi Nafisat, Executive Director of Webfala, while speaking at the Orientation Program in Ilorn Kwara State said women make up only 35% of STEM students globally. But with this program, Webfala is changing the narrative.

“The selected 45 participants received comprehensive training in cyber security, software development, and data science, absolutely free of charge. But that’s not all – they also gained access to Webfala’s STEM in Network, a supportive community and resource hub dedicated to helping women and girls in Nigeria succeed in the workforce.

“By promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, Webfala is paving the way for women to become leaders and innovators in technology. This initiative aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 5, and 8, and is a testament to the power of NGOs in driving positive change.

These 54 empowered women are now ready to break barriers and make their mark in the tech world. We can’t wait to see the impact they’ll make!”